Monday, March 10, 2008

Watchmen Film images materialize

I don't geek out about much (except perhaps a new Jean-Pierre Jeunet film or new seasons of No Reservations, and then not really about those either) so I'm not geeking out about Watchmen...BUT be it a masterpiece or catastrophe or most likely something flawed but entertaining that falls in between, it will be fascinating to see how this translates to film. Alan Moore has of course refused to be in any way associated with the film and one wonders what arcane powers Moore truly possesses to allow him the total void of curiosity needed to never see a film based on his most famous work. On the other (more reasonable) hand is Dave Gibbons who is not only cooperating with the filmmakers, but has thus far been noticeably impressed with the level of detail and respect given to the original work. Certainly, regardless of what anyone thinks of Zack Snyder's work on Frank Miller's 300 (I for one found it big, dumb, and entertaining) it is completely, excessively faithful to Miller's comic right down to framing scenes that look exactly like panels from Miller's work.

Anyway, here are the first photos from the Watchmen film, and they've done about as respectable a job as possible with the outrageous costumes (see Michael Chabon's spot-on ruminations of comics costuming in the latest issue of The New Yorker to get to the root of why such costumes can never match their comics originals).

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