Wednesday, March 26, 2008

M.I.A. tour dates somehow lead to lengthy stream of consciousness post

Any excuse to post some M.I.A> pics is a good excuse.

M.I.A. Tour Dates
Nowhere near me yet, but nice to see that she's allowed back on these shores (even though she has a place in NYC), since Gee Dubya's pie chart terrorist police wouldn't even let her in the country to record Kala (not even for Timbaland! geez Condi could you be any whiter?)
Now that she's named the first two records after each of her parents, I'm guessing the next one will either be called Diplo Goes Down or Take Me To Gitmo.

Bringing it all back around to comics: that reminds me of a funny bit in that Jef Czekaj did in Hypertruck(or R2-D2 is an Indie Rocker?) about Timbaland having produced every record that came out. And that was ages ago (a decade at least). Which holy shit! is distributed by these guys again (but they only read posts with their names in it so they'll never see the kindly link).
Czekaj also makes some pretty cool music forgot the name of the song I really liked, but I remember it was by either Plunge Into Death (great name) or Sinkcharmer.
He's also unusually wily and pragmatic as indy toonists go. See his great instructional for landing grant money from our art-hating government.

Also read some funny review of the Jesus & Mary Chain's new (that's right I said "new") single that said it sounded just like old Chain, but could've been better if only Heroes moppet Hayden Panetierre had sang backup (the backstory of that joke is that Scarlett Johannson famously and somewhat tunelessly sang backup for the J&M Chain's reunion at Coachella (see the video)
Specifically she sang on "Just Like Honey"(what a guitar sound) which of course was featured in "Lost In Translation."

Of course one of Scarlett's earliest films (a movie that I initially thought she was terrible in despite the cute shorts) was Ghost Worldwhich was only rescued by the presence of Steve Buschemi (frankly the script wasn't even that good). All of Terry Zwigoff's films subsequent to the brilliant delineation of Crumb have simply reinforced the fact that he should stick to documentaries. But he's kinda screwed because few cartoonists are as fascinating.

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