Tuesday, March 25, 2008

R. Crumb meets Leo DiCaprio

R. Crumb: Conversations
Edited by D.K. Holm

Conversation with writer Brendan Bernhard who tracked Crumb down in 1998 in the small French village where he resides with Aline:
(see Bernhard's short update on Crumb, circa '05 via the link)

Crumb is talking about Titanic, which he and Aline saw a couple of days earlier. Apparently he's still reeling from the effects of watching a giant ocean liner sink in a theater full of weeping girls. Crumb liked the movie but doesn't think much of DiCaprio, who's the son of an old cartoonist friend of his. A couple of years ago he and Leo had dinner in Paris, and according to Crumb, DiCaprio spent most of the meal staring into a mirror. The waiter, confused by the teen idol's beauty, addressed him throughout the evening as "madamoiselle."

Ahh, where to begin. What is more startling, that Crumb LIKED Titanic? Or that he had dinner with DiCaprio (whose dad is a cartoonist). And c'mon that French waiter was just being snotty, right? Good stuff. More to come.

PS. Leo's pop, George DiCaprio really was an underground cartoonist. In 1981 he edited Cocaine Comix #3.

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