Monday, March 24, 2008

OKKO: The Cycle of Water

Newly collected from Archaia (112-pgs, $19.95) is Okko by the French animation artist Hub (real name Humbert Chabuel). I haven't read it and thus am not reviewing it, only giving it mention because the art is quite attractive in a slick European/anime way. Booklist compares Hub to Moebius and Eisner.
And it seems like it's been quite awhile since this sort of appealing European-based fantasy art has surfaced on American shores (typically Heavy Metal magazine is the warehouse for much overwrought, often ugly, but often technically proficient in the extreme Euro-art; while NBM does repackage some of the finer stuff like Mattotti and Christophe Blain.
Anyway at a glance OKKO might not look out of place in something like the Flight anthology or Digital Manga Publishing's discontinued Robot anthologies (featuring Japanese artists also on this level of proficiency).

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