Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I noticed in between all the hits from Portland and Brooklyn that I got a hit from Korea which I naturally assumed was related to the Pyongyang post from a few weeks ago. But no, instead it came from a link on a Leonardo DiCaprio fan page related to the R. CRumb meets DiCaprio anecdote I recounted from R. Crumb: Conversations.They transposed the entire post over there. Ahh, the beauty and the oddity of the internet.

So HELLO to all visiting Korean Leo DiCaprio fans. I really didn't mind him much at all in Gangs on New York. And his dad George editing Cocaine Comix (still for sale in the Last Gasp catalog btw), makes for a super cool trivia question. Have you ever heard of David Choe?


Anonymous said...

hi. well, I'm not from Korea (or Korean) but re. Leonardo DiCaprio and your reluctant admission that you don't mind's funny that more than a few people have this weird reaction to him - most likely because he was so liked by young girls after he made Titanic. Which I understand - it must be hard for most males to take that one guy could be admired like that, be super famous, make millions and date some of the hottest women in the world. But as far as an actor and person - the acting bit first. Just look at his work in Gilbert Grape, this Boys life, basketball diaries, aviator, catch me if you can, departed, marvins room, etc etc, and he blows most other actors his age out of the water. As far as him as a person, he's probably one of the coolest, down to earth and interesting people out there and has a lot more in common as far as interests and philosophy with you than you could ever imagine.

As far as R Crumb, he and George DiCaprio are very good friends and Leonardo grew up around all these underground artists, writers, poets, musicians, etc. (he played as a young child with Huxley's daughter; now planning to make a film of his novel A Brave New World with Ridley Scott).

Anonymous said...

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