Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Biology of Al Columbia

As enigmatic a cartoonist as has ever worked in the funnybook realm, Al Columbia may actually be on the verge of coming out of his spooky ethereal shell. His website promises a forthcoming collection of all his unpublished works 1993-2007 (something that Paul Gravett genuinely pleaded for in an article for one of TCJ's Special Editions). Plus actual streaming audio of Columbia's music which is immediately likable (something I can't say for his beuatifully repulsive artwork...ahs any artists ever been a better fit for Juxtapose?).

Of course Columbia has made innumerable promises of forthcoming work in the past, everything from series' that never materialized to short pieces for Dirty Stories to a promised cover for none other than The Comics Interpreter. And we won't even discuss Big Numbers (see TCI #3 for the amazing true story from Columbia's POV on that).

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