Saturday, May 10, 2008

Panting Panter, Feral Farel, Lethal Lethem & CogNocenti

Never expected to see Gary Panter art on a Marvel comic but here's his inimitable stuff on Omega The Unknown, with Farel Dalrymple interior art as well.

Panter talks with author Jonathan Lethem about his latest eponymous collection. 5/13 7pm at the Strand Bookstore 828 Broadway, NYC.

Cover by Farel Dalrymple

There's also a short review of Lethem and Dalrymple's work on Omega in the current issue of the always pricey ($19.50) Print magazine. Interestingly the Print review is by Annie Nocenti, who unless there's an incredible coincidence, used to be a regular Marvel editor/scribe, although back then she went by the less exciting "Ann Nocenti." Interesting Wiki entry says the following: "She is noted for her left-wing political views which, particularly during her run on Daredevil, caused some controversy among fans who didn't agree with her politics." She also was editor at High Times for a year. That a former editor for New Mutants would end up editing High Times and writing for Print. Who'da thunk it.

Check out Farel Dalrymple's delicious livejournal blog

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