Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alan Moore Drops Dirtbombs

Neil Gaiman and the sartorially resplendent Alan Moore.

NPR's "Song of The Day"

"The disc's best track, "Leopardman at C&A," features an unlikely collaboration: Its words were penned by comics writer Alan Moore for use by his friends in Bauhaus. But Collins sets them to his own brisk Bo Diddley beat, so Moore's evocative depictions of a corporate world fallen into savagery ("We'll start a Jaguar cult and dress up like an XJ-6 / Turn our CDs into wind chimes turning slowly in the breeze") are showcased at their funny and despairing best. It also doesn't hurt to have Collins' deep, dry vocals; the buzzing, twitchy, fuzz-draped guitars; and the two rhythm sections pounding out a rough-and-ready tribal beat, reminding listeners that it's an urban jungle, not an urbane one."

Hear the Dirtbombs song HERE

Man, I like the opening bass and drums, and those slashing guitar riffs remind me of The Damned. Vocals sound a little Bauhausian and the rhythms like Adam and The Ants.

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