Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Blogs (minus 1)

At The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon asked: "Which five blogs of comic book characters would you read?"

Trying to think of five I realized how low my interest threshold for most comics (and the characters that roam through them) really is. But I finally scraped up five possibilities.

The Crumbs (R., Aline, and Sophie are the dominant characters in their own comics)--I want to read the sequel to the Zwigoff doc. I want to read Robert's freshest rants against Western commercialism and the joys of fat-bottomed girls. I want to see Nationals Lampoon's Crumb Family Vacation: Destination France. Date of return? Never!

The Silver Surfer--A bit stoic but the guy has seen the universe from atop a surfboard. His Lonely Planet Guide To The Cosmos has to be trippy.

Tex from Love & Rockets--The fat, bespectacled, black punk rocker is one of the sweetest-natured characters ever created. But of course nice guys just get their asses kicked. Still, dude traveled the country in punk bands and had a threesome with Penny and Hopey. He’s got amazing stories to tell.

Batroc The Leaper--Zees eez ze blag av Georges Batroc. Nevah drop ze soap in ze Foreign Legion showair.

Um, I'll think of a fifth one at some point. Really I will.

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