Monday, January 26, 2009

Fairey Godfather: Barack has a posse

Shepard Fairey
was recently interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air about his ubiquitous Obama Hope posters that became the defining image of the presidential campaign. As everyone knows Fairey made his name illegally bombing and tagging public property and has been arrested many times (was he even able to vote in the election?), so it's ironic that all these years later he's created the iconic image of a campaign and was officially embraced by Obama who sent him a letter of thanks. And the original image has now been acquired by the Smithsonian. (in your face coppers!)

David Rees Retires GYWO

In more political art news: The latest issue of Rolling Stone (w/ Springsteen on the cover, I know it seems like that's every issue) features the very last Get Your War On strip by David Rees. About five years ago before Dubya was somehow reelected Rees told me in his Comics Interpreter interview that the strip would end if John Kerry won and his mission would be completed. Sadly that scenario didn't take place and thus another four years of GYWO which was probably a bit much. Still Rees, perhaps like a lot of political comedians, will miss Bush if only because the only Americans who thrived during the Bush years were professional pundits.

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