Monday, February 18, 2008

Nice I-Racks: Marjane, Lindsay, and Harry. S

Marjane Satrapi from the Feb. 25 ish of New York magazine (the one with a nude layout of lindsay lohan…that’s right search engine spiders I said NUDE PICS OF LINDSAY LOHAN…come to me babies).

Anyway, Satrapi endorses Obama. The tart-tongued Iranian ex-pat said at an NYC screening of Persepolis: “President Truman wanted to help Iran go into democracy. Eisenhower came and he fucked up democracy in the whole region. So after that I think democrats are definitely better.”
On Obama she says (in a none too subtle dig at Hillary): “He’s the only one intelligent enough not to give a quick answer to very complicated questions. He doesn’t talk bullshit. Plus he was against the war from the beginning.”

I love Obama but I don’t exactly trust Satrapi’s logic here. Obama doesn’t give quick, pat answers to very complicated questions like Hillary because he hasn’t been in the game long enough to figure out the answers to those questions. Otherwise he’d play that game the same way as any politician except for Gee Dubya who basically admits he’s a stupid fuck and doesn’t care about answers, questions or all this “governin’” BS, just give him and his cronies more money baby.

So in conclusion: Obama good. Hillary good. Satrapi good (when she‘s not being oh so bad). Truman sorta good. Nude Lindsay Lohan better than expected. And any chance to take another jab at the scumbag Dubya presidency, very very good indeed.

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