Thursday, February 14, 2008

Japanese town OBAMA backs a winner

I thought Obama sounded Japanese and indeed there is a small town of 30,000 in Japan named Obama. And the townspeople, recognizing a tourism opportunity when they see one is all for our man Barack becoming the next President. To wit:

From The Montreal Gazette:

The city mayor sent Obama a letter, lacquered chopsticks and the city's tourism brochures a year ago, but Obama had yet to reply, he said.

"So far we have been unilaterally giving him 'love calls' as we have a close affinity with him, although we have not met him," said Hideki Ikegami, a city official in charge of promoting tourism. "Perhaps Mr Obama has yet to know and feel the real festive mood prevailing here."

But Obama knows about the small city that bears his name and has even encountered a former resident.

He once said that during a visit to Japan, the immigration officer took a look at his passport and said to him: "I'm from Obama."

In a related story the German burg of Mitt could not have cared less that Romney asshole dropped out of the race.

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