Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lynda Barry Loves Dudes

Nice Lynda Barry interview by GR Editor (and Tyra Banks' go-to guy on Asian issues) Martin Wong in the latest Giant Robot (#54). Martin asks good questions but one that is beyond cliche and I roll my eyes every time I a variation of it (which is basically every time a female cartoonist is interviewed anywhere), is this one:

GR: Is it ever a challenge to be one of the few women in comics? If not due to gender politics or a mostly male readership, then just because dorky comic guys might get sweaty when a female is nearby? [ugh, a particularly odd question for Barry who, while a great cartoonist, isn't exactly the kind of woman that even the dorkiest "comic guys" will get "sweaty" over. Barry's answer, however, is as refreshing as her comics]

Lynda Barry: It was heaven for me because I love dudes. Ever since I was little I was friends with boys. I was always very comfortable around a lot of guys except when they wanted to get near the super girlish girls. In that situation, I was a liability. I understood why my dude friends leaned toward their beautiful flowers until they fell."

[Thank God it was Barry on this topic and not Coleen Doran!]

Barry on Gary Panter: The genius Gary Panter is The Mind Opener. He opened Matt Groening's mind and Matt threw the mind-opener device to me. And it wasn't pot!

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