Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HANS RICKHEIT digitized not sanitized

Hans Rickheit, the brilliant subversive just keeps getting better, and now anyone in the world can read his comics for free (donations most appreciated however) thanks to the ever-insidious interweb. So treat yourself. And by the way if I ever had a real job I'd be buying up his lovely original art, but I don't so for the time being the window is wide open for all you capitalistic scum out there. BUY BUY!


In response to clamoring public demands, I've decided to redouble my cartooning output and release a 2nd ongoing webcomic that veers in an entirely contrary tangent to that of the critically-acclaimed ECTOPIARY,

Cochlea & Eustachia have previously appeared in numerous. well-publicized venues, including POOD, PROPER GANDER, TYPHON. LEGAL ACTION COMICS, REGLAR WIGLAR, THE STRANGER and the original run of CHROME FETUS COMICS.

It is my intention to post a new installment every Wednesday for your edification and delight. You can help this effort by visiting the Merchandise Page and purchasing my wares! Original Art is now being offered for sale from both COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA and the ongoing ECTOPIARY website. Also, pages from my other reputable graphic novels CHLOE and THE SQUIRREL MACHINE are on sale.

At the very least, you are encouraged to DONATE whatever you feel is appropriate. Even the smallest amount is gratefully appreciated!

Friends, as always, I thank you for your attention and generosity!