Friday, February 26, 2010


Olivia Munn may be the best combination of incredibly sexy and incredibly funny to occur in a single bipedal humanoid in recent memory...but I think she could use a better book design (Chipp Kidd wasn't available?). Love the title, though.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GIANT ROBOT Needs Some Cash Money!

This really surprised me. It's pretty obvious that print newspapers and magazines are on a steady decline to obsolescence, and yet I LOVE them so much...and Giant Robot is one of the best and most diverse mags in print. These guys (Eric & Martin) own retail stores, and even a vegan restaurant, so I assumed the magazine was on very solid ground. But apparently not.
Having briefly published a magazine myself I know how excruciatingly hard it is to get advertising; how distribution and rising shipping costs can be utterly dispiriting; and how everything in print is losing ground to the immediacy (and illiteracy) of the web. So anyway, watch the video and throw a few bucks to GR, if only to keep them around for your (and my) own edification.