Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchmen Trailer

The visuals are interesting, albeit with a dose of the odd blue screen sterility of Snyder's prior films. But the immediate impression is that much like 300, Snyder's reverence for the source material promises as faithful an adaptation as possible right down to frames of the film perfectly mimicking panels from the comic. But where Frank Miller's 300 featured a story every bit as spartan as its main characters and thus could be easily encapsulated and contained in a single film; Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbon's tale is deeply layered and filthy with detail. So can Snyder edit such a work down and get more steak than sizzle. Either way it will be fascinating to see the end result.


Leo F. said...

i'm on a chapter-a-night in honor of this upcoming film. hard to say whether i think it'll stand up to scrutiny, but it's hard not to be excited. wish Gilliam had done this as a miniseries though.

you know alan moore's gonna be pissed though. didn't he give Hayter a blessing on the script?

robert why said...

A chapter a night? You need to slow down to a page a night because you've got until March '09. Gilliam's latest works have been disastrous in almost all respects so I'm not so sure. His 'genius" is tarnished. I'd opt for Jean-Pierre Jeunet myself (but I'd probably opt for him doing just about anything).

I don't know about Moore liking Hayter's script I know he doesn't approve of any film adaptations and of course famously ceded his royalties from this film to Dave Gibbons.

Leo F. said...

Jeunet? I dunno. What about Alex Proyas? I think he could give the spandex-spangled kids some gravitas.

has Gilliam's recent stuff been that bad? i didn't see that Tideland flick.

but let's get down to the question on everybody's mind: will we be seeing Dr. Manhattan's lil floppy manmeat or not? that's a deal-breaker.

robert why said...

Dark City is one of my favorite films, but what happened to Proyas? I only remember an embarrassing Sci-Fi channel miniseries (Earthsea, right?)

I didn't see Tideland either but it wasn't just universally panned, but eviscerated. And I did see the documentary about his Don Quixote disaster which just seemed karmically cursed from the start.

And no, this is Hollywood (not Merchant/Ivory). Nothing scares America more than manmeat.