Monday, September 15, 2008

PUBLISHER WANTED (apply within)

I'm looking for a book publisher for a collection of The Comics Interpreter's interviews, and that means conversations with a dozen of the most talented and influential creators in the medium, many of whom gave their first print interviews to TCI. Try David Choe, James Jean, Paul Pope, Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, Dash Shaw, Jamie Delano, and kozyndan for starters.

As a comics fan I'd want to buy that book. Hell, I'd still read it multiple times even though I conducted the interviews.

In these days when all manner of comics instructionals litter book store shelves and GN's are all the rage, there's still a paucity of good criticism and certainly interviews in book form. Although I've become well aware that non-fiction book publishers have a decided preference for "narrative non-fiction", it seems ludicrous that there are so few collected interviews along the lines of the Paris Review, but with comics luminaries instead of novelists. Especially when you consider that many of the interview subjects are wildly in-demand by both comics and book publishers.

Of course now that I've floated this (obvious) idea some savvy publisher will probably swoop in and publish an interview collection featuring many of the same artists. TCI has been poached so relentlessly by far more well-heeled late-comers that its almost become a sick joke. me. comicsmag at

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ROHO said...

Great! I hope you find one soon!