Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harkham's Ergot

Nice short interview by Tom Spurgeon with art comics sweetheart (who all the erudite boys wanna go out with) Sammy Harkham over at The Comics Reporter related to the forthcoming massive $125 Kramer's Ergot #7 (published by Buenaventura Press). Harkham is very talented and tasteful, of course, but he also seems to be the most insanely deep-pocketed self-publisher (despite Buenaventura's recent involvement) in recent memory.

Also as noted by the photos of Harkham taken at Charlotte's '08 Heroescon (as well as the guest list) from this past June, it's interesting how that convention went so suddenly from being just another fanboy-drenched persona-non-stoppa on the art comics circuit, to the SPX/Mocca/APE of the South (thanks to co-organizer Dustin Harbin's Indy Island). I had a fine time there (despite next to nil sales) in 2005 and hope to return with something new in 2009. Not that I've exactly been working on anything in the lengthy interim.

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