Wednesday, June 4, 2008

David Choe's Dirty Hands finally to premiere

This just came via mass-email from Maestro Choe (whose wondrous travel show Thumbs Up, I was watching in fits of convulsive laughter with a friend last night). All I can say about the documentary is: It's about damned time! And, I wish I was in LA.

The nightmare is over just in time for another one to begin, the cameras have stopped rolling the documentary is finished,if you happen to be in los angeles on june 21st you should come out and watch harry kim's documentary about my bullshit life, almost a decade in the making , I thought I could slip this one through the cracks of my parents sight, however my new nightmare, my parents have just figured out how to use the internet(google) and they are internet stalking, and they're favorite subject is me, so they found out about the LA film premiere (thanks harry ! I cant thank you enough for choosing L.A. my parents hometown for the premiere of your fucking movie, you fucking asshole) as well as my gambling problem amongst other things, if you are a sick fuck, and want to watch the slow motion car accident , which is watching my parents watch their son act like a complete fool and watch footwear fall out of women's asses, on the big screen on opening night. From this moment, There is nothing I will ever write, draw, photograph or paint , that ends up online that will ever escape my parents sight.. Great. A few days later me and harry are catching a flight to munich ,for the german premiere of the movie at the Munich Film Festival on june 26th, it should be interesting, because I haven't been to germany in a decade, and this german guy, Patrick I met in the congo jungle in 1995, and then try to get at me in 2002 impersonating the vicemayor of Frankfurt, said if I ever step foot on german soil, is gonna send the Russian mafia after me. He's tried every few years to contact me, I vowed revenge after he fucked me over in that godforsaken jungle all those years ago, I'm on my way bitch , come and get me.

Dirty Hands: The Art & Crimes of David Choe
Documentary Competition
(USA, 2008, 92 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Harry Kim
Los Angeles artist David Choe's kaleidoscopic work can be playful, confrontational and sexually frank. His personal life is no less complicated, as revealed by close friend Harry Kim, who documented Choe's life and crimes from 2000 to 2007. From the manic highs of commercial success and dinosaur hunting in the Congo to the self-destructive lows of Japanese jail sentences and bouts of self-doubt and depression, what begins as a gleeful portrait of a bad-boy artist slowly becomes a poignant celebration of one man's journey, both artistically and spiritually, toward his own uncertain salvation.
Saturday, June 21st 9:45pm(world premiere!!!)
Majestic Crest Theatre $12.00

Sunday, June 22nd 4:00pm
Mann Festival Theatre $12.00

Thursday, June 26th 4:30pm
Mann Festival Theatre $12.00
, June 26th 4:30pm
For ticketing information please phone 1-866-345-6337 or email

Giant Robot's Eric Nakamura has seen the film already and gives a brief summary of it on his blog

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Inka Born said...

i saw this on the choe blog...the one time i've ever desperately wanted to be in LA. thanks you bastards.

incidentally, that's gotta win an award for best promo photo to be googled by your parents.