Thursday, April 3, 2008

Raise your hand if you like orgasms

Paul Pope is the cover boy of the latest issue of High Fructose (which is trying to assume the "ugly art" mantle mostly vacated by Juxtapose, Pope's work being a notable exception, of course). Typical of these magazines, there are some beautiful examples of Pope's art accompanying a sparsely-worded interview. But that doesn't negate a few juicy quotes.

When asked apropos of nothing, whether at age 70, if he will be a "dirty old man, Pope's response:

"Will I be a man who loves beautiful women and who will love to have orgasms and make love? Will I be a sensualist who will love to eat and fuck and listen to music and drink good wine and embrace snow and sunsets? Yes..."

Well spoken, well said.

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