Friday, January 25, 2008

Back again...shit

Hey, I'm back and more in love with comics than ever (even if I only read a select few). So why has the blog been so inexcusably quiet for so long, leading most people to assume I died or at least quit everything? Basically, my life was destroyed a year ago, so it would have been derailed anyway, but when Google bought Blogger for some reason it totally fucked up my account and I couldn't log in and I couldn't change my password and I wasn't that determined to get it fixed anyway. So I just opened another account and blogged a couple of times, but my meager archives were still over here...etc etc.

Anyway, was just reading an article on blogging in Giant Robot #51 and it reminded me to blog and suddenly I was able to post without the google /gmail merry-go-round. Whether I post much or not, I dunno. Nobody ever reads this; nobody ever writes. I don't care like the sound of my own voice in a vacuum. But I guess you have to build something by really being devoted to it and posting daily and often; and I haven't shown that sort of commitments likely because I haven't seen any results or gotten feedback here. But I'll try.

So yeah...comics...and music...and lotsa new projects


ROHO said...

Good to have u back, when are the podcast and mag coming back???

robert why said...

Thanks. I think it's safe to say that the podcast will pop up before the magazine since the pod is much cheaper to "publish." Even then with a full time job it will again e sporadic at best.